Monday, October 09, 2006

a LiTtLe tHiS a LiTtLe ThAt

One project finished..!!! and one project started.. I finished my pebbles vest and started a little lace scarf... this is working up very fast.. first the body of the scarf is crocheted and then the ruffle edging is added later. This pattern was a free insert that was in one of the knitting magazines I bought last fall.. as soon as I saw the pattern I ran to the store to look for the yarn that was used in the pattern
.. I thought it was a bit pricey and didn't want to purchase it at the time.. (I have told this story before...bear with me) I believe each ball of yarn was $5.99.. and 7 balls were needed.. so i put the pattern to the side for awhile..... and then...that same yarn turned up at the dollar store a few months later.. woot!!! (this word is gaming terminology when one gains a lvl or completes any kind of hard task) how could i resist.. I dug out the pattern and pulled out my needles .. played with the gauge.. and u know the rest.. ... I'm pleased with how the vest turned out.. the yarn was kind of difficult to knit with (maybe thats why the yarn is discontinued now and can be found at the dollar store)...the wierd part is the yarn was a bit itchy while i was knitting with it.. but in vest form its not itchy.. it's actually nice and warm and soft.. go figure.. It does make me look a few pounds heavier.. but I think I'll wear it anyway when the weather cools off..

Back to art.. anyone who paints usually has a picture like this... some object floating in a sky with clouds.. this is mine.. floating lips.. I've seen some tomatoes.. an eye.. dogs.. cats.. all floating in a pretty sky with clouds.. I didn't want to add a frame so I painted an edging kind of frame right on the picture..It kind of hurts your eyes to look at.. 0.0


Jerry Tjiputra said...

Wow! you are talented!
I love that painting. And great job on the vest, the color combo is yummy

KattyKatFlash said...

Love the vest and the lips painting makes me want to go out and buy Sally Hansen's LipInflation gloss. Very kissable.