Monday, October 02, 2006

My halley's comet hat is finished...and I'm pleased with how it turned out.. mano del uruguay is the yarn i used.. which has that homespun thick and thin texture.. all in all you can still see the lace patterns... so I'm happy with it..

And here is my knitting progress of the day.. there seems to be a color trend going on here.. I'm stuck in the pink... but I like it.. I like all things pink.. I just can't have enough pink.. !!

I will leave u with a little pixie knitting tip of the day.. in PINK..
When I do the bind off for the armholes of a sweater.. after i finish casting off the required amount of stitches on the first row.. I knit to the middle of that row and place a stitch marker through a stitch.. I continue knitting to the end of the row.... I complete the rest of my armhole bind offs according to the I can measure my armhole lenght from the center of the sweater by using my stitch marker as a guide instead of trying to measure along the actual armhole opening on the side of the sweater... which can be inaccurate because of the curve of the armhole.. (^_^)

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Jerry Tjiputra said... the hat..
great job!