Thursday, October 19, 2006

nEeDleS n HoOkS

I woke up today and decided that I better start making some Christmas presents... soon!!... so today is going to be dedicated to just that .. I'm armed with both needles and hooks.. fingers flying...yarn lint floating all around me.....on the needles ...a hat that I started knitting with manos del uruguay for the brim and now for the body I changed to patons SWS in tones of grey to browns to black.. I previously used this yarn to make a one skein wonder and fingerless gloves... I really liked how the yarn changed from biege to pink to green... but as I'm knitting this hat... I'm just loving how the how colors are evolving as a knit each row...I think patons hit the jack pot with this yarn... its soft.. has a nice sheen to it and the color combinations are wonderful... everyone on my christmas list is probably going to get an SWS knitted gift.. hehehe. On the hook... a is another one skein scarf.. the pattern is from the Happy Hooker... got to luv one skein projects..!!!

Finished!!! one therapeutic neck roll cover and one WUA block..

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