Saturday, October 14, 2006


vest and scarf are finished!!!! u can kind of get the idea of what they look like together (even laying on the coffee table.. flat ) In rl ( real life) the scarf is a bit too creamy in color for the vest.. but they still look okay together. I think it's a wearable set...yay!! knit and crochet together.. I like that.. knit and crochet can be friends.. buddies..they go well together... while knit is streamline and very exact in its look... crochet can be on the wild side.. exotic looking stitches..loads of texture... they compliment each other... i guess opposites attract..

And as i is another painting that i finished a few years ago.. this is actually only part of it.. its a full size wall mural on my bedroom wall.. I'll have to take another picture of it someday...the lighting is low in my bedroom so it's hard to get a good picture... you ask.. "well what is it a picture of" ..... I'ts my rendition of the birth of venus by Sandro Botticelli... and again u will notice the cartoony look about it.. this was also painted with acrylic paint..

speaking of art .. here is a nice link to look at.. it's a friends.. I think the pictures are beautiful.. take a look.. and enjoy.. (^_^)

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Jerry Tjiputra said...

Love the scarf! Wish I could crotchet....
Your paintings are amazing!