Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Wow.. October 1st came and went... where was I !!! .. Well... 2 days late... I have casted on my sock for socktoberfest.. I decided on Knitty's Thuja .. the yarn I'm using is mountain colors which I bought at least a year ago...and I'm liking this.. it's very soft and the colors are deep and range from green gold to teal and purple..These will end up as a Christmas present for someone..

This was fun to cast on.. I use the magic cast on.. the same cast on u would use on 2 circular needles if u were making a toe up socks.. it was fun and easy and makes a virtually seamless bottom. OOO.. I haven't mentioned what it is.. I'm knitting a sleeve for a neckwarmer thing that u can heat in the microwave to relieve sore stiff muscles. This will get felted later.. . Malabrigo kettle dyed pure merino wool in a worsted weight is the yarn that I'm using for this. ( if u look at the link.. scroll down to the lime blue)..this project is also from my list of things to be knit for Christmas..
Hummmm.. that makes 3 projects on needles at the same time.. scary...I usually work on one project at a time.. ( with the exception of socks that i keep in my purse for knitting at odd times in odd places)..I feel I get my projects finished faster if I only knit one project at a time..I'm thinking at this point that..I am definately behind on my christmas knitting.. boo hoo..

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