Wednesday, October 18, 2006

nO pHoToS!!

Well.. for 2 days now ... I've been trying to upload some photo's with no luck.. since then I have finished knitting...

  1. a sleeve for the neck roll ( another Christmas present done). there is a picture in a previous post..
  2. a block for WUA ..out of yarn left over yarn from the yarn event at Michael's this past Sunday
  3. just a picture of knit lites in action.. so cool..
But since I can't seem to upload any pictures... u can'tsee how cool they are..
If you are interested in WUA .. the pattern is on their website and there are free leaflets at Michaels and other craft stores with the instructions on how to make blocks.... supplies are simple.. worsted weight acrylic yarn and size 7 or 8 needles ... if u crochet size G crochet hook.. I knitted my block in a short evening of knitting and plan to make a few more.. they go fast.. when done .. drop it off in the boxes at the front of a Michaels or other craft stores in your area that is participating... if u feel like donating a little more time..check for the dates that the store will be sewing them into blankets.. thats a fun day too..

So.. since i have no pictures today ..I will tell u what's on the needles...
  1. a hat on size 9 circulars.. the pattern is from last minute knitted gifts.. the yarn I'm using is manos del uruguay and patons SWS
  1. the one skein scarf from the happy hooker..the yarn is patons classic wool and regency is the color
I am going to try again later to upload some pictures... hopefully I will have some success.. (^_^)

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