Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've been working on my lacy fingerless gloves.. I finished the knitting part and started the beaded crochet border.. the instructions say to string the beads onto the yarn before hand but I choose to used a teeny tiny crochet hook to pull the yarn through the beads.. I don't even know what size this crochet hook is.. many year ago my ex's great aunt passed away and left a ton of crochet needles and patterns behind.. I was the only person in the family that did any kind of needle work so it was all given to me.. and this crochet hook came from there.. it's a little tarnished but it's super tiny and it fits through the holes in the beads..

anyway .. first I put the bead on the crochet hook.. then

I pulled my working yarn through the bead pulling up a loop..

I put that loop on the crochet hook I'm using for my project

and then I chained 1 and finished the group of stitches that the pattern called for.. pretty simple ... a bit time consuming.. but fun.

. I was able to finish one glove last night and will work on the second one after I finish the last pattern repeat of my Danica..which is so close to being finished .. then finish up the other glove some time in between work.. tonight I get to teach circular knitting on both dpn and 2 circular needles.. fun fun.. a prelude to making socks.. or any other seamless item one would make.. I'm posting pictures of the blocked finished Danica tomorrow ..!!

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