Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lil Jayden progress report.. here his is taking a little nap ... all 10 1/2 lbs. of him.. so cute..

I've been a lazy blogger lately...and a lazy knitter.. This is my Danica scarf atm...I haven't gotten very far.. I hope to work on it today on the trip to the LYS.. 2 skeins is definitely not going to be enough yarn to finish it.. I'm on the second skein already and the scarf isn't very big.. so back to the yarn shop..

THis is the next project I think I want to make.. cute cute.. but with all the yarn I have in my closet.. I have nothing the weight I need to make these..0.0.. I might have to buy something.. I was thinking that patons brilliant might work.. and would make the fingerless gloves all glittery.. that's not a bad thing..This pattern is from the book "Knitting loves crochet"it was a Christmas present. I have to hurry up and finish my scarf so I can start these..In the mean time.. welcome to a new knitter..!! (^_^)

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Jessica said...

I love the pic of Jayden! What an adorable grandson you have. He sure is going to break some hearts when he grows up :)