Sunday, January 07, 2007


Yay.. finished!! finally.. I wasn't paying attention and messed up the thumb gusset and had to rip down to the ribbing and do it over... but all is fixed now..I'm thinking I might add a little crochet someplace..not sure where though..

the guy knitter strikes again..!!.. he is making "my so called scarf" with Magallanes 100% wool.. pretty nice for a 3rd project..

new knitters in the house.. there is a house full of new knitters now.. my 2 nieces are visiting and both wanted to learn how to knit.. this called for a run to the LYS.. here is a picture of yarn shop booty..they both liked the same yarn.. it might have had something to do with this girl following us around the store suggesting this yarn over and over and repeatedly bringing them to the front of the store and showing it to them..kind of over kill selling tactics.. ooo how did that noro get there.. ???..hummm

well we are off to the beach.. bbl.. (^_^)

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