Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is what I saw when I looked out my back window yesterday.. my neighbor standing in the top of a tree... he was trimming it.. but wow .. that looked a little scary .. the whole tree was shaking.. and then.......

yesterday was the release day for WoW's Burning Crusade... and we had to run out and get copies.... I had to reinstall my game and then install BC .. it took about an hour or so.. in the mean time I finished the knitting part of my lacy beaded fingerless gloves from Knitting Loves crochet.. and today I'm going to work on the crochet trim with the beads... exciting!!(yes I'm that boring that crocheting with beads is exciting to me.) that's pretty sad..

So much yarn left over from Christmas.. planned projects that just didn't make it... I'm sure I'm not the only one that this happens to .. project overload.. and there is absolutely no way that all the planned projects could ever get done in the allotted amount of time I think there will be lots of felted clogs.. pink felted clogs.. maybe wierd color combo felted clogs.. and lots of warm happy feet.. this will be my first time making these.. I've been looking at the pattern in the LYS for a while now.. just never picked it up.. and then.. this
There is a serious yarn overload problem in my house.. yarn flowing out of baskets and bins and just everywhere.. I need to stick to my yarn diet.... I'm devising a plan to use up some of the over load.. one possible solution is to get out my knitting machine again and work up some baby blanket for project cope.. I think it's a good idea..

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