Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is called stash busting..!!! I'm knitting up a fast pair of socks with a 2x2 cable ribbed on the leg part..(I'm using the same basic sock pattern I always use and just added the 2x2 cable rib) I think that the yarn is so old it could be an antique !!! I've had it really long...I mean really long.. the thing is.. the yarn still feels new.. it's a 100% superwash wool and has a soft silky feel. It was just waiting around all that time for these socks to be made..

The reason I'm knitting the socks is .. I ran out of my dyed yarn (which I knew was going to happen) and then started using the solid red yarn I had planned to use.. and just didn't like it.. so I have to run out and buy one more skein .. dye it.. dry it.. and then I can continue. I have 3 more rounds to finish... It makes my skin craw to have a project almost finished and not be able to finish it..0.0

here is a close up of the colors..... pretty vibrant


Brena said...

I love the color of your socks and I especially love your kool-aid dyed colors. :)

Lizzy said...

That shawl looks amazing - I am tempted to have a go. Your choice of yarn makes it particularly stunning.