Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yay.. and it's about time.. I finished my capelet from Loop-d-loop.. I substituted Rowan's Big Wool for Lion brand wool-ease thick and quick... I know...big quality difference.. but..I actually had enough yarn in my stash for this and didn't have to purchase any to complete it.. I'm so happy with how this turned out.. it's perfect for a chilly Florida evening..

This is a stray skein of Manos del Uruguay.. it started out as this color.. and I just didn't like it.. so yesterday I dyed it with kool-aid and some wilton icing colors.. and this is what it ended up as..I'm pretty happy with this also and can't wait to knit it up.. I just haven't made up my mind on the project yet.. maybe some fingerless gloves or something..

This is the beginning of a scarf that I'm not that happy with.. I had one skein of yarn to make a scarf.. but it's knitting up a bit light and I'm not really liking it..

and.. the beginning of another fingerless glove.. this time without the finger openings at all... more like a hand warmer... with a thumb..

I'm starting out the new year trying to use up all the yarn that I have in my stash (this could take a few years!!)and my homespun..So basically I'm on a major yarn diet..I guess u could call this my new years resolution..!!!


Brena said...

Nice job on the Capelet. I want to see a model picture!

LHWBKnitter said...

Wilton icing colors?!? I am dying to hear how it is done! I have the KoolAide thing down pat - but Wilton? Please! Can you post or send me directons?
Thank you SO much!
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