Sunday, January 14, 2007

A trip to the LYS.. and this is what happened.. 0.0.. I had the kid mohair in my stash but picked up a skein of Elsebeth lavold Silky Wool yesterday for the lacy beaded fingerless gloves.. and started working up a gauge swatch that is looking good.. with the kid mohair I was thinking of a very simple lace stole .. something light and airy.. there is enough of the plum color in the mohair to complement the plum color for the fingerless gloves .... I will be able to actually wear this in florida.. yay..!!

I also needed one more skein of Noro to finish my entrelac scarf which is knitting up a bit slowly.. it's getting there.. maybe 2 to 3 more days of knitting on and off to finish it..(^_^)


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