Monday, July 16, 2007

FFXI obbsessed.. >.<

All this talk of moogles and FFXI with friends... caused me to want to play again.. so I did the unthinkable and reactivated my account.. probably only for a month.. I played a little yesterday and visited with old friends .. went to new lands.. and had to remake my many magic spell macros.. One thing I really enjoy about the game is the spell animations and the music.. so fun.... and...I got to visit with my moogle.. (^_^)

Sunday was the Orlando knit wits meeting , which I attended.. I worked on my diamond shawl (OMG I know.. I still haven't finished it!!!) the turn out was small.. maybe it had to do with the terrible weather.. while we were chatting and knitting away it was storming away outside.. the lights actually went out twice.. lots of lightening , wind and rain.. scary...

Today I'm working on some patterns.. the process boggles me.. but I'm working through it. So many words to describe a simple process.. I'm starting simple and will work up to the harder stuff... unfortunately I can get too detail oriented sometimes.. and twist my mind up in a knot... 0.0`

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Eve said...

Cute!! Now we need to knit some wow plushies... I'm thinking...

plushy murloc with i-cord dreadlocks?? Hahaha it would be cute to have one. :)