Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lately there has been lots of talk about FFXI (Final Fantasy 11) among friends.. and for me.. it's been all about the moogle....>

How cute is that!!! In FFXI the moogle was the caretaker of your mog house and all of your treasures...he was also found playing a roll in some of the special events.. giving hints and directions and prizes.. he also wore a few different outfits according to the area he was matter where he was or what he was wearing.. the moogle was just darn cute.. and thats a fact Kupo!!! Although I no longer play FFXI there are a lot of fond memories of fighting the evil powers and joining in with friends and family members to be victorious .. we developed the bond of friendship .. camaraderie.. that has lasted.. so.. When Amy Shimel first posted her design on of her moogle.. I have wanted to make one... I had to have it!!!.. but there was always something on the needles that I had to finish and other things to do.. Now that she has posted the pattern.. I'm going to take a break from my other projects and make one... finally.. well that will be when I finish my shrug because I'm almost done and I don't want to leave it in that state with just the edgings to finish..
Also I think I stated in an earlier post that I scrapped my turtleneck tank from fitted knits.. and I'm actually using that yarn for the shrug I'm working on now.. I don't know if it was the yarn or the turtleneck..which ever it was.. it wasn't working for me.. so.. I might attempt it again with different yarn.. in the mean time I have wanted to make a large bag... I'm thinking about the Larger than life bag..(that is the link for the crochet-a-long) which I have also had my eye on since I first purchased the spring issue of Interweave crochet... why do we knitters/crocheters want to make so many projects.. and there is also holiday knitting to think about.. ooo my.. too much rambling on .. about so many projects... ok I'm stopping now..

So I leave you with a fond picture of my moogle and I..( Pooka).. it's all about the moogle Kupo!!

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Eve said...

cute!! love the little guy!