Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's that time of year in Florida ... the time of year where every afternoon there is a thunderstorm .. So much rain!!!.. then after the rain .. so much heat and humidity

Well ... from this picture there doesn't seem to be much progress on the medallion ... I have been working on each sleeve simultaneously and added 4 pattern repeats to each sleeve and I just picked up the stitches around the body for the edging.. little by little .. This shrug seems to be taking me so long to finish.. longer than I thought it would take me for some reason... and I think I will have to run the the LYS AGAIN to purchase ANOTHER green ball of Berroco love it for the edging.. sigh.. it's the curse of the green yarn.. I promised myself I wouldn't buy green yarn this year.. and now that seems to be all I'm buying.. green yarn!!

Planning my next project.. the Moogle... I have picked out yarns from my stash.. and I think these colors will work after some discussion with other FFXI players as to the correct color of a moogle. I have also decided to not stick to the pattern for a more authentic looking moogle if I can.. I have some ideas.. off to knit..(^_^)

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