Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today was a lazy.. kind of relaxing day.. it's been cloudy all afternoon and has been raining for about an hour.. I decided to start an easy project that would be more of the mindless knitting type. I choose a ribbed lace bolero.. a pattern that was originally posted on The designer was kind enough to offer it as a free pattern.. the yarn I'm using is Lion brand cotton ease in the light grey color... and ... this is my progress so far.
Speaking of being lazy.. I sit a lot at my computer and if I'm not using my computer.. I'm probably knitting... too much sitting going on.... so.. I was thinking that maybe u could exercise at the same time while your surfing or knitting or sitting.. that would be a plus.. and I came across an article that suggested doing exercises right at your computer.. hummm... well this is what it says..

You can start by squeezing. No, not your abdominals. Your booty! Here's the three-step exercise you can do all day.
Do It Now -- And Wherever You Can
Yes, while you're reading this tip, try this exercise for flatter abs:

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  1. Suck your belly button in tight.
  2. Squeeze your butt as if you’re trying to pull on a pair of too-tight jeans (pretend the top of your head is being pulled toward the ceiling by a string).
  3. Hold that position.

Do this often (on the elevator, waiting in line, at work, every time you walk somewhere) and you'll quickly firm up your middle by working your transverse abdominis -- the muscle that supports the abdominal wall. And you'll have better posture to boot.

anyway.. hehe.. it's kind of funny but hey if it works.. why not..(^_^)

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