Wednesday, July 11, 2007

HiDden TrEaSurEs

Yes again... I don't like how the sleeve edging looks so off it comes..

Hehehe .. these odd pieces are what will hopefully be the moogle.. I need to run out today and get some fiberfill and start stuffing and sewing it together.. If I'm unhappy with it .. I will do it again in the crochet version.

Some time ago.. I used to quilt.. then life got very busy and stressfull so I left quite a few unfinished quilt tops tucked away in drawers with plans to finish them some time in the near future. Well u know how that goes.. anyway.. here is a Christmas quilt in the making.. all that was left to do is the applique' stitch around some of the berries and sewing on the boarders and latice strips in between the blocks.. I have all the fabric for this quilt .. even the backing fabric. I always purchased all the fabric for a quilt at the same time. I don't really know if I will ever finish it.

Here is another not so complete quilt top. This is actually a baby quilt that never got finished. This one needs all the applique and lattice strips to complete just the top and then of course the quilting. I'm not sure where the rest of the fabrit is for this quilt atm. I'm sure its here some where. 0.0

More hidden treasures in the next post..

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Pooch said...

Do you think a picot edging would work on that sleeve? Your work is so lovely!