Sunday, September 30, 2007

One baby blanket finished.. I will be donating it to charity.(I mentioned this before in a previous post) I was looking around for some little kitty or bunny dolls to make and give with the blankets. (some time in the near future there will be 4 blankets finished) Lion Brand just happened to all of a sudden have this little kitty pattern.. how convenient... Perfect for my project.

OMG new yarn... this is for a project I'm working on for my classes.. more on this later.

More yarn!! There was this really cute little kitty cat purse from lion brand also.. and I just had to make one..There were some other cute purses and little critters to crochet... check it out..(^_^) I start a new job tomorrow .. so the time I can spend knitting is going to decrease. I'll have to see how this effects the amount of projects I can finish before Christmas.. I will probably be adjusting my to do list very shortly.

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