Monday, March 05, 2007


How could it be that all of a sudden I find myself with 3 projects going at the same time.. that's just not like me.. and to top it off I got bit by the flu bug and haven't knit for 3 days.. >.< .. so that leave 3 projects just sitting in front on my that I couldn't work on... oh well..
today I feel a bit better and I'm going to work on the little bee booties.. (don't ask about that snarl of yellow yarn)..

Remember this... well I ended up ripping it out and starting over on a larger needle so it would be a little softer and hopefully have a bit more drape.. this project is going to have to wait until later.. hopefully I can finish the booties today.. aches and pains aside..

yes .. I am working on this a little every day.. I need good lighting though ... so at other times of the day when the lighting isn't as good in the room I knit in .. I work on other stuff.. hence.. 3 projects on the needles at once..

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