Monday, March 05, 2007

dEaR Anonymous..*~*

hello anonymous.. to answer your question.. " Hi
I am trying to make urbernatural sweater and have a problem! I cast on 40 stitch for size small and i think it should be 45 instead? After knitting 5 stitches for btn hole, # of stithches just doesn't add up???
Pls help:) "

This is what I did.. I hope it helps and I think it's right.. I did cast on the 40sts.. I made the button hole as the pattern says.. K3 yo K2 tog then I knit 2 more stitches to equal the total of 7 sts.. where the pattern says knit 7.. that would include the button hole sts. I had to work this out a couple of times too..because it wasn't working out right.. but it would make sense to also add the extra 5 sts. instead to make it work. either way I think u will be ok because u can try on the sweater and add or subtract rows to the underarms for the perfect fit.. (^_^)

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