Tuesday, March 13, 2007

wHaTs oN tHe nEeDlEs

What's on the needles..??.. same old same old...I pick this up a couple times a day and work on it.. I love how the yarn feels.. at this point I'm not really sure I like the colors.. it's a bit more stripy then I thought it would be.. once the border goes on it might look different.. This is now at 30" long....

This is my progress on the quill lace socks... the leg is almost finished .. then on to the heal..!! I'm not sure if i mentioned that I'm using the magic loop.. this is my first time and I'm loving it.. if u haven't tried it .. u should..( I was looking for a tutorial online but the ones I found made the magic loop confusing and it's not confusing at all.. :( ) this is a super fun pattern... my one thought is that the yarn is a bit more colorful than it had looked in the skein...maybe a more solid yarn might have been better..

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Brena said...

I really like the way the sock looks. Very pretty. Hope to see you tonight!