Saturday, March 10, 2007

Here is the progress on my no pattern shrug... all that is left are the button bands and neck edging.. I already know what I want to do.. I just have to see if it works.. I'm really happy that this fits well too.. just perfect .. as far as what yarns I'm using... umm.. everything I can find in the color scheme I'm using.. from homespun wool/angora.. 100% cotton... some kind of metalic weird yarn and acrylic... all the yarns are about worsted or medium weight.

I've been picking this up now and then and working a few inches here and there.. that makes me happy... I don't like to work on more than one project at a time usually.. they tend not to get finished that way..

So why in the world did I start this sock.. !!!... my daughter bought this yarn and decided she didn't want to make socks and gave the yarn to me.. humm..then I saw the new Knitty and was listening to Lime & Violet... and got really tempted.. almost seduced to make some socks.. and then I saw that yarn peeking out of my sock yarn basket ( the prettiest sock yarn in there) and I don't know what happened... all of a sudden I was casting on and bamm!! I started a sock.. the pattern is quill lace from knitty .. I'm going to knit this as my carry-a-long project so I probably wont be finishing for a bit.. although the pattern is really fun.. and kind of addicting to do.. ooo I'm using the magic loop method.. that's kind of fun too.. !!

Speaking of knitting.. I don't think I'm going to be doing much today.. I'm off to help my BF tile his mom's house.... I mean the whole house.. omyw....!!!


Brena said...

Tiling sucks. I had to tile my mother's house when I lived there. I HATE tile.

Cute shrug, can't wait to see it on ya!

Ilix said...

What a fantastic variety of colour in this post! I love the knitting you are doing, the look great!