Tuesday, March 06, 2007

buzz buZZ

baby bee booties are finished..they came out a little bigger than I had wanted even after a gauge swatch.. (note to sell.. don't cheat on gauge swatch test out both yarns u plan to use).. but that's what I get for trying to cheat..

I think I'm making a mess.. hehehe.. actually I'm making something without a pattern.. I guess it's free form.. because I have finished measurements .. but no real plan as how I'm going to achieve them... I'm making bits.. and crocheting them together.. then filling in with some knitting... I've been working on this most of the day and just took a food break.. I'm not sure if this will amount to anything.. but it's kind of fun and I'm using up little ends of yarn .. including some angora homespun.. so soft....... k.. back to knitting.. (^_^)..

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Linda said...

Looking forward to seeing your finished freeform...it looks pretty awesome right now :-)