Monday, March 26, 2007

What have u been doing this weekend?... this is what I've been doing.. a trip to the LYS .. I've been wanting to knit the silk camisole from Last-Minute knitted gifts.. so the yarn I picked out is cotton frappe' from elsebeth lavold.. color # 012.. I did a swatch and it's going to work..yay

20 row's left to go and counting down on my scarf/shawl... then on to the border.. I'm getting exicited now and have been working on this quite a bit.. I knit lace really slow.. even simple lace.. this yarn in the lighter color gets hard to see so I've been really careful to make sure I pick up both the stitches when knitting 2tog.. I've also been reading The Friday Night Knitting Club..and getting near the end..

I have picked this up a few times over the weekend.. I'm off to knit right now for a bit then I have to drive up to Orlando to pick up my car.. yes .. it's getting worked on again today.. this time it's the brakes and some weird sounds coming from the engine.. `0.0;

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