Thursday, March 08, 2007

this is what I accomplished yesterday on my kind of free form shrug.. I keep digging through my stash for bits of yarn the right color... shew.. well anyway I wanted a very light gray .. almost silver and I found something close to the color I wanted.. I'm going to use the gray for the ribbing which I plan to start in a minute after a couple of rows of silvery garter stitch.. I have an idea of what I want to do with the sleeves.. 2 ideas actually ... the right yarn is the problem.. I might have to hit the LYS tomorrow.. I was hoping to complete the whole project from scraps and stash...unless the perfect yarn pops up in my stash.. highly unlikely though.. 0.o'

well..... all that hunting and digging around for yarn wasn't for nothin!!! look what I found hiding in the garage.. 0.0 .. most of it is phildar and a bit of lopi .. there was even a sweater close to completion .. that was the sweater I was in the middle of knitting when we moved here from NY.. it was august and super hot.. I never touched the sweater again and there it is.. I think I see some felted purses.. as for the rest of it.. the dark green/blue stuff might end up being a guys vest or possibly a large rectangle shawl.. my mom's birthday is coming up next month.. I need to start thinking of making something for her.. (hopefully from my stash)
Man.. and just when I thought my stash was getting under control too..(well maybe it wasn't).. but now it's worse.. I couldn't have done that much damage at the LYS.. sigh... I'm at the point now where if I didn't leave the house for a year.. I could still knit every day.... well thats not such a bad thing..(^_^)

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