Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One more shrug picture.. (^_^)

Right now a fingerless mitt is in the works.. it's coming out ok but I would have liked it a whole lot more if it was knit with nicer yarn. I used all of the good stuff on the shrug and had to dig around the closet again for more off white/cream color yarn and only the bargain stuff was left..sigh.. so although I like my design .. I'm not liking the yarn.. in the near future I plan to make a pair with nicer yarn.. in the mean time I'm finishing these up.. it kind of looks more like a slipper than a glove.. at this point...

Now it looks like a glove.. for the next pair I think a dk yarn will have a nicer fit.. these do fit but but for the design are a bit bulky. gosh do I repeat myself over and over...???

This has made me think about my yarn buying habits... in the future I would like to have some better quality yarns in my stash to work with..time to sort out some of my stash and donate it..

1 comment:

Brena said...

Gorgeous! I love the light blue/cream combo.

Missed you last night. :(