Thursday, March 15, 2007

I was thinking today.. about 2 of my favorite blogs..( although I read and enjoy many) but 2 blogs really stand out to me...
First and foremost is The Yarn Harlot... this was actually the first knitting blog that I had read.. and I was immediately drawn in.. the reason being Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has given knitters a knitting community.. or she has awakened us to the fact that we are out there and joined by the same thread .. um.. yarn..from all over the world... In my own knitting life... I now feel knitting isn't something to be ashamed of .. or a waist of time .. or what ever else "muggles" like to call it.. for years I felt uncomfortable knitting ... although I did a lot of knitting.. because of comments like.. "oh u knit.. my grandmother used to do that.. I don't have patience.. it takes so much time... or that wastes so much time.. how do u have time to do that...I'm too busy for that..".. being the only knitter in my family circle and circle of friends made me feel I was some how wasting precious time that maybe I should have been doing something else... maybe find out what they were doing and do that..but... after reading Stephanie's blog and books.. I felt validated .. I felt geeee there are others out there like me with a closet full of yarn and knitting books.. with needles and yarn in their purses..
(although my yarn stash isn't as big as the Yarn Harlot's by any means) I want to say thank u to Stephanie.. aka.. The Yarn Harlot for helping me to feel good about knitting in the movies and and at family gatherings and where ever else I like to knit.. and for opening my eyes to the knitting community and the power there of... heheh.. I am now an avid reader of many knitting blogs.. It's just great to see what others have on their needles and in their closets..!!! (^_^)

The second blog I'm very fond of is It's a Purl, Man.. this blog I just recently discovered.. ( I know .. I'm slow).. but it's so entertaining.. plus I can knit and listen away as he chats with other bloggers about patterns and yarn .. up coming knitting events ... book releases... I feel like I'm at a knitting meeting right in my living room.. so fun!!!.. he is planning a gathering in NYC.. sounds so wonderful.. check it out..

and a picture.. !! (weird fingerless mits of my own creation)

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