Wednesday, November 01, 2006

...Well... since I haven't been able to upload any pictures for 2 days... and u know what they say "a picture is worth 1000 words"...yesterday I had lots of projects planned..
first.. I finished my second harlot scarf .. and yes there is a picture floating in cyberspace somewhere waiting to upload...
second.. Bitty needed a new little bed... but it was really just the fabric that covered the foam form that was icky.. so (i never throw anything away) there was fabric a-plenty in my stash.. so I decided to pull the stitching out of the old doggy bed cover and use it as a pattern to sew up a new cover.. the fabric I found was a faux suede type in a leapard pattern and a contrasting fabric in a cream color... I got as far as recovering the pillow for now.. and I'm still picking out stitches on the other part.. that is taking way longer than I thought it would.. but I can't turn back now so I keep picking...
the third project lined up is a bed frame that I want to paint black to match its mate that is already painted black..( it's the second bed syndrome) has been lightly sanded, laid out neatly on a drop cloth in the garage and is all ready to be painted.. ( I didn't get to that yesterday and it's still already for a coat of paint)... the third project I had lined up to do yesterday was.. a pair of gloves to be kntted to match the harlot scarf I just finished... I actually worked on the gloves and I'm up to the point where I start the fingers on the first glove.. Yay... the pattern I'm using is from One skein..and im making the meduim size in wool-ease.. yes I know.. why did I use wool-ease.. out of all the yarn I have ever used.. I really dislike wool-ease.. especially for sweaters.. but for some reason it makes a decent glove..besides the fact that the gauge is perfect and it was the only yarn with a matching color..or close to matching the color I used for the scarf. I guess every yarn has a purpose.. sometimes u just have to find out what that purpose is..
today It's raining.. so I think painting the bed is going to have to wait for another day... so it's back to picking out stitching and finishing up some gloves.. (^_^)

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