Friday, November 03, 2006


I don't know about u.. but I like to start my day with a yummy cup of delicious java.. and this is how I make it.. I use the expresso blend of coffee and I prefer the spanish brand.. after the coffee is brewed I add a generous amout of vanilla flavored coffee creamer.. next I add the coffee.. then pile on a large amount of foamed milk and last a nice dash of cinnamon.. ta-da..!!! the most yummiest coffee .. to start the day...

Yes.. there is knitting!!!.. a few of you have asked about the pattern for the gloves.. I'm using the the unisex glove pattern from the book Oneskein. The pattern is written in 3 sizes and I'm using the medium size. This will be the third pattern that I'm using from the book and I have plans to make at least two more for Christmas gifts.
I don't know about this.. thank u so much Nicole.. I'm speachless...(blush)..heheh

As far as my other projects.. ( painting the bed and recovering the doggy bed) I'm still on it..

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Brena said...

You're welcome! It's all true!!!!