Monday, November 13, 2006


Yesterday was the day to sew up the warm up america blocks. There was almost a box full of blocks ..compared to the other day when I checked and there were only a hand full. A thank u goes out to all the ladys that participated and made blocks. Unfortunately... yesterday was a no show.. Maybe because it was on a Sunday.. so I sat and crocheted the blocks of one lap throw together. I'm still working on tucking in the ends but it's finished. In the picture u see a beautiful blue blanket that was knit by a very generous person. .. its beautifully knit (what looks like a baby blanket) and next to it is the blanket that is just about finished... I'm hoping to get the other blocks sew together this week so they can have be given to a local charity by the latest next week.. this gives me the warm fuzzys.. (^_^) One of the chosen charities is Project Cope.. I'm also donating the few booties that I was able to make. There is still time if u want to make some booties and or help sew up some baby blankets.. (^_^)

Some recent projects.. 2 cravats from " Oneskein " .. I'm still trying to get some christmas gifts finished..and these work up really fast.. I don't know about u.. but i think that glass head is creepy hahaha..

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crafty chica said...

warm up america is so inspiring that i want to start up another one for my country...