Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm matching up yarn and projects with projects to be. This hat will have some matching mittens knit in of course the same yarns used for the hat... some manly mittens!!

The scarf and gloves will have a matching hat knit in SWS in a little different color but still matching

This scarf will have a set of coordinating gloves knit in wool-ease in a color called chestnut heather... in r/l it looks more towards rust than color looks in the picture. I don't know.. but I just like looking at yarn and touching it...I like to group different yarns together just to look at them.. hehe..

well .. I'm off to do some painting.. I have to paint 2 rooms in my house and a bed still.. and of course my friends on WoW are waiting for me.. so I better hurry up "0.0"..!!!

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Brena said...

Painting? Ick! I thought about painting my new place because I don't know how well I get along with light yellow, but... it's such a pain in the ass!

:) I see you're loving the Patons SWS! Bet that Michael's discount is coming in handy. It's sooooo beautiful.