Wednesday, November 29, 2006

iT's A wRaP+*+

It's a man sock!!.. and it fits..!! Until recently this sock has been my purse project that I carry around with me and work on here and there.. but after I finished the frilly wrap... it has become my main project.. my cast on was a little tight on the first sock (because i have mostly been making smaller socks for girls).. so i made sure i casted on extra loose for the second..I really like this yarn (the color is granite peak) which I bought a year ago.. (these socks were supposed to be for Christmas last year.. 0.0) some how they never got made.. and they were my socktoberfest sock and some how never got finished in time.. but as u can see in the second picture .. sock #2 is moving along quickly and I'm already up to the gusset.. :D I wish I was like they yarn harlot.. she can make a sock a day.. I really don't know how she does that...I don't feel I could ever make a sock a day..

and here is my finished frilly wrap.. made with lion brands moonlight mohair.. the yarn seems a little rough in the ball but after u knit with it .. it gets soft.. I'm pleased with how it turned out..

I'm off to run to the hospital and visit little Jayden.. knitting in bag.. .. I'm ready!!!


Jerry Tjiputra said...

Love the color of the sock and the frilly wrap. Did you make up the wrap pattern?

Brena said...

Awwww... Adrienne! You feel the same way about the Yarn Harlot as I feel about you!