Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In the midst of Jayden's birth... running to two different hospitals.. and much stress.. I forced myself to finish the curtains for the upstairs bedroom.. shew this room is almost done.. I just need some brown pillow shams that i haven't been able to find anywhere so I might have to make those too... and I still have to paint the mate to the bed that is there black..

Little Jayden is doing better than he was yesterday but is still a sick little guy.. he is off the respirator but is still connected everywhere else. I got to touch his little hand and his soft hair...Brit is going to be released from the hospital tomorrow and mommy and baby will be reunited again ..I'm sure both of them will be comforted by this. This little guy needs lots of luv right now....

and.... yes .. I have been knitting.. I've finished a sock and started the second one.. and finished my frilly wrap.. its still lying on the coffee table where i left it yesterday.. It just needs a touch of steam to block it... knitting is a good stress reliever..yay for knitting..!!

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Brena said...

Oh! He is so adorable Adrienne!!!!! And the room looks cute! Please let me know if there's anything I can do.

Love you,