Thursday, November 30, 2006

Progress is being made slowly but surely... I put one coat of black paint on the bed.. finally !!.. we are going to let it dry ... set it up in the room and then I'm going to put a final coat on it.

the second sock is also growing a bit slow.. but it IS growing!!..

the flowers I planted a while ago are starting to fill in and are pleasant to look at .. they are lining the entrance to my house... little Jayden is getting a weee bit better everyday.. he is off the respirator and they are giving him his mommy's milk every few hours.. I will go and see him again tomorrow. I saw him last night and he was breathing on his own and was very relaxed.. It was wonderful to see.. I have to thank u all for your prayers.. good wishes .. hope and kind words..they have ment a lot to us at this time of great stress for our little one.. thank u .. thank u .. thank u.. !!!!

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Brena said...

Yay Jayden!!!!!

Your house looks so pretty!