Saturday, November 11, 2006

ooo tHe BaBy SoCks*+*+*

Finished baby girl socks..!! The little boy socks I finished a while ago. I was comparing the sizes of both because I wanted the little girl socks to be just a weee bit bigger. Which they are!!!.. I'm really starting to like this sock pattern.. they are made as if u were making a tube sock and somewhere in the middle u knit in a piece of waste yarn.. then remove that when the sock is complete and knit in the heal. The heal is shaped exactly like the toe which makes it super easy. These are made with worsted yarn and start in size 6 to 9 months.. which is the size I made.

If what I said about the heal is confusing here is a picture..this is the part where I just removed my waste yarn and picked up the live stitches to complete the heal. This pattern is from the book "Cozy knits for cuddly babies".. if U find u just have to make a pair!!!

How many projects do u crochet at the same time.. 0.0" ... today I'm working on the cravat from "Oneskein" and one more block for warm up america.. If anyone is interested in participating.. tomorrow Michaels craft stores will be sewing up the blocks (that people have donated) into blankets to give to a local charity. These blocks knit up very quickly(or crochet.. I made one of each) .. U still have time to make one and drop it off at your local Michaels.. or if u are interested in sewing up the blankets stop in between 1 and 5 pm tomorrow ( Sunday).. u can even make a block then if u want. here is more info.. (^_^)

until next time .. happy knitting..

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crafty chica said...

i love the baby socks.. great colors you choose..