Monday, September 03, 2007


What do u do at 1 am in the weee hours?...hum .. I'm sure u don't cut up plastic grocery bags and crochet with them.. what kind of craziness is this..!!

And in case u didn't get a good look here is a picture during that day also.. 0.0
and an endless amount of bags.. soon to be cut into more stips .. it's actually fun to crochet with and kind of feels like rafia..and has a crinkly sound when your working with it.. guess I'll get back to it..and the many other things I have planned for today. (^_^)


Jerry Tjiputra said...

ooohhh...I've been meaning to try this but with knitting instead of crotcheting.
Are you making a grocery bag?
I was moving this weekend and didn't get a chance to leave a comment on the baby jacket n' hat.
I love your version! I've been meaning to knit that for my baby too, but I think I'll do your version instead of the original one. What yarn did you use?

Dipsy said...

Oh - but I think this is a fantastic form of craziness ;) What a great idea - I've read about this before and have always wanted to try it but never got round to - seeing your nightly work now sure inspired me to try my hands at it too - soonest possible!

Eve Shepherd said...

LOVE this! SO cute and saves the environment a bit of plastic. :D

I am glad to see you showing how to make the "bag yarn" too so maybe I can make one eventually.