Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here is my project of the day. Mosaic Mitts from the IK Holiday gifts 2006 issue. They are surprisingly easy although they look intricate. I'm using 4 different color yarns left over from other projects.. but the pattern calls for only 2 colors... so far I love these mitts and if i can scrounge up more yarn will probably make some more for presents.

These are the machine baby blankets I made the other day on my knitting machine. I'm trying to use up all the left over yarn in my stash... I still have to crochet the edgings on all of them.. and when I'm done.. I plan to donate them to Project Cope ... I'll work on them here and there..crocheting the edgings is the mindless type of work and I can do this while watching a movie or something... Anyone interested in making one or some .. here is the pattern I'm using... Although I used a knitting machine.. these can be knit by had also..I hope to donate them near the holidays so there is plenty of time to get one finished (^_^)

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Craftlover said...

the pink, purple with the black match so well. :) lovely!!