Thursday, September 06, 2007

Well.. this is my bag so far.. its kind of misshapen .. I was following an old pattern that called for raffia which I substituted with my bag yarn and I ran out of bags so I have to wait to get more... and.. blah.. I'm not so happy with it..

Then.. I wanted to practice on my knitting machine and make some swatches.. my knitting machine is kind of old and the pattern mechanism is not functioning anymore .. it seems to miss changing colors in many places so that pattern doesn't look like anything.. or not like it's supposed to look.. well I found a good use for the swatch anyway..

Here u can see that the patterns don't look like anything.. they are missing bits here and there..

This seems to be the only thing that has turned out right in a couple of days.. little ducky slippers for Abby.. she likes duckies.. I used a basic slipper pattern with a smaller needle than what the pattern called for and then made a ducky head instead of the bunny or kitty cat thats in the pattern.. and now everyone wants some ducky slippers.. oo nooo.. Guess I'll be making a few more ducky slippers in the next few days. (for these I used some 100% cotton yarn that was left over from a half finished baby romper.. that had been unfinished for .. ummm .. a very long time..)

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