Friday, September 14, 2007

diSh cLotH DaY

I've been busy using up all my scraps of cotton making dishcloths... the count is now up to 10!!(you don't see them all because some have been used already) You are wondering how could I have made 10 in less then 24 hours.. well .. my old friend .. the knitting machine.. I just casted on about 35 stitches and knit about 57 rows in off all sts ... To finish them off.. first I did 1 round of sc... thenI added various crocheted edgings.. my favorite one ended up being *Chain 3, skip one st, sc in the next st.* repeat around... very easy.. very fast..and.. I got rid of a bag of odd bits of cotton yarn... yay!!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I never want to spend the time hand knitting dishcloths so this is a great idea for the knitting machine!Thanks for the tip :-)