Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Machine knit dishcloth Pattern

Knitting Machine Dishcloths

Just in case someone would like to make these, I cleaned up the pattern and explained what I did in more detail. These are so fast and easy to make. Everyone on your Christmas list can have a stack of new dishcloths!!


2 balls 100% cotton yarn your choice ( I used Lily Sugar'n Cream, 1 solid, 1 varigated)

(This will make 2 dishcloths by reversing the color of the cloth and trim for the second one)

Larger gauge knitting machine (100 needle bed)

size H crochet hook

Tension 6.1

Gauge (16 ½ sts = 4”)

Cast on 35 sts using the cast on of your choice. I used the backward loop. Knit one row. Set row counter. Place weights.

Knit 57 rows. Bind off. I used a knit cast off rather than a chain off for more flexibility since cotton doesn't stretch. If you have trouble with that just slip the sts off the machine onto a size 9 needle and bind off by hand. Do not cut yarn.

Place remaining loop onto a crochet hook.


(RS,working on side of dishcloth) Chain 1, sc in same space , sc in next row end.* Skip 1 row end, sc in next 2 row ends,* rep to corner.

2 sc in corner. Sc in each st across, 2 sc in corner.

Continue around, repeat the same as other side of dishcloth.

1 sc in same space as first sc. Slip st to join.

Next row (change color)

*Chain 3 , skip 1 sc, sc in next st. * Repeat around. Slip st to join.


Mariella said...

These look great and I'm going to try that on my Bond machine. Should be pretty easy, even for me!

Cindy/KS said...

Could you please contact me at please.

Jackie said...

This really helped me and I made so many of them for gifts.