Thursday, September 27, 2007

no expiRation DaTe

It's a good thing that yarn doesn't have an expiration date...I think I might hold theworld record for the amount of time a yarn has been horded in a stash...the yarn store where I bought this yarn no longer exists and has been replace with a novelty toy store years ago... gezz I might be the only person in the world that still has this yarn... 0.0.. anyway.. after all this time .. years and years .. you would think that I could figure out what to make with it.. but no.. I haven't.. and I don't have any idea what to do with it... the yarn harlot mentioned some time ago that she waits for some yarns to speak to her from her stash.. ( something like that anyway) well this yarn is mute.. but you know what.. I will continue to horde it anyway.. some day.. sometime.. I will make something with it.. I will..!!

And as if that wasn't enough.. there is more!!!.. bags more.. at least I have a project in mind for this yarn... more than likely a sweater of some kind for Jayden.

yes this is from the same non existent yarn shop.. don't ever tell a child you are making a sweater for her/him and then ask them to pick out the yarn... this is what u get... well there was one good thing about this yarn and it wasn't the color.. at least it was on sale... and that's probably the reason I ended up purchasing it against my better judgement .. who can pass u yarn on sale... I just could never get myself to knit with it though.. I did make a sweater for the child that picked out this yarn.. I think it was gray, red and black.. and he wore the sweater often. Occasionally he asked me where his orange sweater was.. 0.0.. and.. yet I still have this yarn and have no idea what to do with it.. maybe if I get a job in construction or a school crossing guard .. I can knit a vest..

Well anyway.. here is my progress on the Mosaic Mitts.


Ilix said...

ooo those mosaic mitts are looking great!!! I know what you mean about finding something to do with certian yarns, happy pattern searching.

SylvChezPlum said...

The mitts are beautiful !!
And I so know what you mean about yarn "talking to you" for the right project... It always feels great to find the perfect yarn-pattern match !!