Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yay!! man size socks are finished!!!.. they are a little bit big for me.. I have small feet..

The next pair of man socks.. are on the needles.. I have to say there is a big difference in .. $20 sock yarn and $5 sock yarn.. the mountain colors weavers wool was so soft and almost silky...the $5 yarn is soft but more crispy feeling..anyway I'm hoping to get some knitting done in the hosital today..

Greetings from the glass head.... creepy..

and this little guy is improving by leaps and bounds each day now. This was taken last night.. he is breathing on his own .. very relaxed.. eating well... we just heard they have taken all the tubes out this morning and he is being moved to the regular crib.. and will be feed with a bottle now.. most important.. mom can finally hold him in her arms today....(^_^) today is a good day..!!!

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