Saturday, December 09, 2006

I've been so quiet for 3 days!!... quiet and boring ... as u can see from the pictures .. I'm making very slow progress on my christmas knitting.. these pictures look about the same as the pictures I posted 3 days ago.. but my socks are almost finished.. 2 more inches to go and then I can start the toe decreases. My scarf hasn't grown at all.. and I have picked it up a few times and worked on it.. but I'm not liking it.. I might have to go back to the original yarn I chose for this project and use this yarn for socks or something.. and my pretty purply socks actually got smaller!!!... thats because my gauge was a little off so I ripped it out and went down a needles size... which is just right..
All this and my fridg decided it wanted a rest from keeping our food cold.. It has been repaired at the low price of $200.... goodbye Christmas presents.. >.<.. or extra presents.. maybe I'll have to teach everyone to knit and give them yarn.. 0.0

And a little break from knitting... I want to spin up the rest of my llama fleece.. I finished this spool and have to make another just like it.. then I'll ply them.. and hopefully have enough for a little cable scarf.. (this fleece I bought last year from The Bellwether.. its very silky and super soft)...

The Jayden report.... baby and mom are doing really well and he has adjusted wonderfully to being home... is eating well and seems like an all around happy little guy..
pictures soon to follow..

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