Friday, December 22, 2006

woo hooo..!!! finished gloves.. unfortunately these will not arrive on time for Christmas..but will arrive sometime soon after..

0.0... I've already started another project.. the fair isle hooded capelet from loop-d-loop.. this is knit on size 35 needles.. hopefully it wont take me that long.. this is the hood and I have about 4 more rows before I start the body and will have to change circular needles.. these circulars are gigantic..and a little heavy but I'm excited about starting the fair isle design part..

I had to wind off yarn from one of my spools so I could ply my current spinning project. The yarn I had to wind off is 100% alpaca that is was spinning kind of thin.. It's a bit delicate.. not sure if I'm going to use it for anything.. but its nice.. I will show u my pretty skein of newly plied yarn tomorrow.. (^_^)

Happy holiday greetings..(a mini view of my tree)

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