Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Can u believe I want to make this!?.. It hasn't even been cold enough to wear it.. but I want to make it anyway... I'm going to use the less expensive lion brand wool-ease thick and quick in black with cream and gray fluffy yarn for the designs... what?.. u asked when am I going to make this... hum I don't know.. but sometime soon.. I have to finish the last of my Christmas knitting first..

In the mean time... I'm crocheting dish cloths for presents.. I started the hot green one while waiting online at the post office yesterday... I noticed that no one else was knitting or crocheting in line and they were all looking pretty bored.. a few ladys were checking out my little dish cloth with the look of .. " man I wish I had my crochet with me too.. !!".. I kind of wanted to make a fast apron to go with these..hummm.. if I have time..

I ran into Micheal's craft store yesterday for some more crochet cotton and a few odd balls of yarn and came across this magazine... back in the day... cough..cough.. crochet magazines were hard to find .. so when I see one.. (although there are a ton of them now to choose from) out of habit I have to look at it.. well this one has some interesting projects .. including crochet cables and socks.. plus lots of instructions on reading patterns and charts.. If u only buy one crochet magazine.. this might be the one to get.. I couldn't pass it up.. check it out if u see it..

my Christmas knitting progress.. well it's progressing... I'm thinking that I'm going to make more of these fingerless gloves.. but I think I'm going to leave off the finger bits.. and make them totally fingerless.. except for the thumb.. maybe shorten up the cuff and add a ruffle of some kind..

Santa's little helper is getting set up today again.... company is coming and santa's little helper takes up lots of room in the family room.. I hope to knit up a couple of presents really fast today..then lug it out of the family room and put it away..
Marly asked "
I have never used a Knitting it tough?".. well.. at first it might be.. just like anything new .. u have to learn the techniques.. casting on and off .. getting your tension.. and so on.. but once u learn it's pretty easy.. and very fast for bulk knitting.. I usually add some kind of hand work to my machine knitted items.. like a knit or crochet edging.. I prefer hand knitting any day.. machine knitting is kind of loud and not at all relaxing.. but it does get some projects finished a whole lot faster..!!!

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Brena said...

That's the hooded capelet from Loop de Loop, right? I want to make that too! Except for all in white with a white fun fur trim. :D