Wednesday, December 06, 2006

fReNzy kNitTiNg..!!

well.. I'm playing round robin with my projects... trying to get some Christmas presents done before Christmas.. I'm in a knitting frenzy.!!!.. my hope of finishing everything I planned to make is dim..

my halley's comet is finished.!!..this one is man size ( everything is man size lately).. I changed it up a bit and just made a 1x1 rib edging instead of the rolled edging.. and of course when u finish one project u must cast on another..

I've casted on another yarn harlot scarf.. this time in soft tones of gray to black.. and I'm shaping the toe of sock#1 of my second pair of knitty Thuja...and the next pair of socks is also from the same pattern.. so boring.. but.. it's an easy and fast sock.. that has a nice fit.. so it works .. closer to the dreaded Christmas deadline.. the yarn will get thicker and needles and hooks get bigger.. and I'll probably start crocheting some quick projects..

The Jayden report.... there is hope that he will come home today!!!!

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