Saturday, December 16, 2006

ruNniNg ouT oF TiMe!!!

Baby's first bath.. he seemed to like it..

Shhhhhh.. it's Santa's little helper...

Santa's little helper has been working hard.. 2 panels out of the 3 are done ... that will make up the afghan.. I blocked them lightly with steam to stop them from rolling up ( there are few dribbles of water on them).. but so far I like it..hopefully today I will start the assembly... when I'm all done I will give u the pattern.. This can be knit by hand as well as on the knitting machine... and gauge is not crucial for this project as long as you are some what close to gauge.

Last minute gifts.. I also hope to finish a small stack of crocheted dish cloths...this is one of my favorite dish cloth patterns because there is a loop to hang them with worked in and not just added on at the end..

I've been hunting for quick last minute gifts that can be knit in less than day.. (hehehe wishful thinking) but I found quite a few here.. take a look.. u might have to search around a bit.. there are more patterns not just that one page.. (^_^)


Brena said...

I can't wait to see the assembled blanket!

Marly said...

I am working on some pot holders for Christmas Gifts right now...I like your dishcloths...maybe I could stitch two together to make a potholder? Might be nice.

I have never used a Knitting it tough?