Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Here is a quick picture of the finished afghan.. it's a big wrinkly.. but all will be fixed before I put it in the box and mail it out today.. I'm kind of rushing around so this was a last minute picture.. this is the last day to mail stuff out for delivery before Christmas..

this is the tuck and nip part.. heheh.. the part everyone hates to do... I watched harry potter again and the whole process went pretty fast..

evidence of time spent tucking and nipping the ends.. after I finished I threw them all outside in the trees .. the birds will use it to make nests.. they like it.. I bet that makes a warm little nest for cool winter nights.. (^_^)
...... back to knitting some gloves and more stuff..

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Brena said...

Good god Adrienne that's HUGE!!!!! I'm whining about having to make a blanket that would cover a baby!