Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I decided I wanted new stitch markers..and I had bought these beads awhile ago.. I use markers all the time ... both for knitting and crochet.. these I made with the kind of earing findings that open up so I can move them around on my project where ever needed.. I also made a few others for little Christmas gifts for friends.

shhhhhh... don't tell... it's santa's little helper.. !!!.. at this point I need a little help getting through that pile of yarn...hopefully this will be an afghan for my dad sometime before Christmas.. I plan to knit long strips of different colors and then crochet them together with fluffy thicker yarn.. it's kind of hard to see the colors in this picture.. they are beige.. lavender... and gray... the fluffy yarn is a tweedy type of gray..

This is the hat I worked on last night at NYGK.. I was going to add ear flaps but I'm not sure if I will add them.. I'm still thinking on that one... yes... there is that scarf again.. the hat will be the mate to the scarf.. with the blue gloves.. with or without ear flaps.. so much to do .. so little time.. I still haven't put my Christmas tree up..hopefully that will be up sometime this week too.. hard to get stuff done when there is a cute little baby to look at.. (^_^)


KattyKatFlash said...

Oh my gosh! He's sooo precious no wonder you can't get anything done!

Brena said...

That hat turned out really well. I say screw the earflaps!

Your grandchildren are ridiculously adorable.

MarlyKnits said...

Nope, I have asked the jury and they have come back with a verdict...No earflaps! The hat looks great!

Cute Baby!